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Receptor Occupancy (RO) Assays With Flow Cytometry

Receptor Occupancy Assays: the Key to Determine Relevant Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers

Receptor occupancy (RO) assays using flow cytometry are robust analytical methods designed to identify, quantitate and monitor the binding of a therapeutic to its target. They are frequently used to generate pharmacodynamic (PD) biomarker data and are coupled to traditional pharmacokinetic (PK) assessments for modeling PK/PD relationships.

Successfully Move your Biologic Through the Next Era of Targeted Drug Development

Caprion’s scientific team determines the most appropriate assay format for your clinical trials and routinely combines receptor occupancy to functional readouts using flow cytometry instruments capable of detecting up to 18 parameters. Receptor occupancy assay are custom developed (specific for the compound and its target) using a fit-for-purpose validation approach.

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Receptor occupancy assay method, functional monitoring

Key Considerations While Developing RO Assays

  • Reagent availability
  • Sample stability (drug and target cell population)
  • Receptor shedding and/or internalization
  • Presence of anti-drug antibodies (ADA)
  • Affinity of competing detection reagents
  • Intensity level of target expression ex vivo
  • Development of controls for monitoring assay performance

Benefit From World-Leading Immune Monitoring Expertise

Benefit From World-Leading Immune Monitoring Expertise