Accelerating precision medicine™

Overview of Our Immune Monitoring Services

Our Assays for Immune Monitoring

ImmuneCarta offers customized, integrated and comprehensive immune monitoring services, utilizing 18 color multiparametric Flow Cytometry, ELISpot, and CBA platforms.

These immune monitoring tools allow us to comprehensively analyze the phenotype and function of the immune response and design analytical strategies which meet the client's objectives.

Robust Process for Immunotherapy

We provide data analysis through our bioinformatics department that works collaboratively with clients. In addition, we offer sample management services that include training for clinical sites to assure the proper collection, handling, storage and shipment of biological samples.

Through our robust network of clinical and academic collaborators, ImmuneCarta offers sample procurement services for diverse indications such as infectious diseases and cancer.

Our laboratory is committed to providing the highest quality services while maintaining applicable GCP, GLP, and GCLP compliance within a structured Quality Assurance Systems program.

Immune Monitoring Services to Measure Immune Response

Neo-epitope Discovery and Characterization

  • Direct identification and comprehensive characterization of naturally-presented MHC peptides for cancer vaccines and adoptive T-cell therapies

Multiparametric Flow Cytometry Technology

  • Multiparametric single cell analysis (cell surface, intra-cytoplasmic, intra-nuclear)


  • Discrete cellular subsets in whole blood (Absolute counts for CD34, T, B, and NK subsets)


  • Cellular Differentiation, Maturation, Activation, Inhibition, Apoptosis


  • Cell Signaling, Cytokine Secretion Profile, Proliferation, Degranulation (BAT, ICS, CFSE, Phospho-specific Flow)

Antigen-Specific Response

  • Multimer detection and identification of HLA-restricted stimulatory epitopes by ELISpot and Flow Cytometry

T Cell Epitope Mapping

  • Breadth, Magnitude & Specificity of HLA-restricted stimulatory epitopes by ELISpot

Serological Profiling

  • Multiplexed detection of soluble inflammatory mediators in response to immune modulating agents (CBA, MSD)